Rainbows Of Blossoms Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Rainbows Of Blossoms

The shadows of the rainbow painted on your frames,
The gentle breeze of winter's art passing by your face;
Painting your tresses to swing with the tunes of winter's song
For the awaited spring and for the one
He admired all these years along.

The sweet cup of hot chocolate waiting for its being,
Will you take a sip, if he tells you there is no cream?
The mantelpiece near the grandfather's chair
Fell in love with coals and branches and all its flames.
The fragrance of the candles glowing beside my fair
Made her warm in the seasons of winter,
Guiding till the end.
When window panes were shut,
But eyes were awake in the nights beside the curtains
Where the whole world slept,
And we were watching the snows:
How it fell and flew towards the home of our fairytale.

Warmth stayed within the hearts of blooming mellows in the fields of foggy hills,
The droplets of dawn fell on grasses for making them shine still.
The sky with the painting brush of heavenly blues,
The moon's reflection on the ocean singing for the heart that he only knew.
I heard him singing the lines of the song
Where he sang, " The ship is sailing on."

Moments of life on thousands of thousands pages I read,
I wrote about life, as seashores loving the enchanting tidal waves.
Dreaming about the clouds that loved my neighbouring hill
Just as sunflowers looking at you with their blooming will.
They said,
"Sun, they shall write a tale
Where I and you,
Shall plant gardens of blossoms and clouds will shower their smiles,
And sky will love the hues of bows,
Where you and I will be holding hands, and if our stars knock at our door
We shall welcome them with seashells and letters
That were written for them falling in love every day more".

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