Everlasting In Skies Poem by Soumili Karmakar

Everlasting In Skies

Windows below the cloudy heaven,
Vows of lingering leaves,
Greetings hidden behind brown eyes and Lilies breathing to live .
They say, " trust in your heart".
They say, " we don't know, why you find yourself falling in love with flowers ".

The fog on the mirror confided shadows of eyelashes,
Taking a step back watching the world reversing in motion,
Lights of burning candles, skies full of gems and infinity depths of oceans floating around alters build by devotions.
Efforts of my numb fingers, trying to answer life by colours of white roses without weathering.
Velvet and golden fields blowing air in wooden flutes by endeavouring.

Constantly speaking in the midst of cold shades of grey,
Incommunicable to explain wishes of fences,
Where my soul is a pot of moulding clay.
An old pen writing for the purpose of uniting with the belonging hand,
Many forms of letters were folded pieces of paper lying between pages. Pouring beams unfolded seasons felt by an outlying island.
The smell of morning rain,
And rainbows emerging from behind the clouds.
Yesterday's setting sun shall find today's softest grass after revolving around.
If little flowers bloom and lead us to our paths,
Make a wish after finding a fallen star splashing water in a silver bath.

Sometimes boundless beauties look at the sky for a very long time,
That's why quite little stars shine above the plain sublime.
They ask, " what do you find in them so bright? "
I write, " a world of tinted poems, innocence of light, keeping me alive, while I sailed in the night, "

A wanderer seeking for a home,
A galaxy willing to stay unknown.
An artist painting his arts, he feels tenderly for the dead poets who wrote about tomorrow's hope and today's dreams, where memories were framed in days of spring.
I could see noble pursuits rising steadily unafraid of the dark,
Will you look through my lenses, where all my todays are stored for tomorrows hoping for you to turn?
Will you believe, I live my days by listening to heartbeats that someday, somehow you would come?

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