Ready & Waiting Poem by Nika McGuin

Ready & Waiting

The banquet had ended about 30 minutes ago
when she turned to me and said,
'you ready to go? '
& I answered, 'yes.'

But we stay & we stay
my mood: gray - bored in every way
as I look on, watching her
talking the night away

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: boredom
Camagu Somana 05 October 2018

Nice poem Nika short and simple...

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Nika Mcguin 12 October 2018

Thanks Camagu! I hadn't read this one in ages. It gave me a little chuckle to look back on it: D

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Daniel Brick 21 March 2015

This is an unusual poem. The two quatrains balance each other in terms of structure, but the tones are very different. Them first one - objective, explanatory; the second one revealing a rift between friends, and a slow-burn in the narrator. It hides genuine anger. That last passage - WATCHING HER TAKE THE NIGHT AWAY - is so filled with resentment, which isn't stated but felt acutely. You don't identify the relationship between the parties, but the two of them are heading for a confrontation. The building resentment really got to me!

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Kelly Kurt 18 March 2015

Sweet. Selfless acts are beauty. Nice poem. Thanks for sharing.

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