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Camagu Somana is a poet, short story writer and a fine artist. He started writing poetry at the early age in his teenage years. He is yet to publish a book, he is busy with a poetry soon to be published before the end of the year 2017. His poems and short stories were only published in Free State News in 2004 and 2005.

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Hugs, Kiss And Love

Are like a warm blanket
Covering the cold in a cold weather.
If you
Squeeze too tight, you feel the warmth
And the temperatures rise too high
And you never want to let go.

Is like a soft
Feather slowly touching the under belt petals.
Once tasted
The minds run riot uncontrollable
To a place where you will never be yourselves again.
To tell you the truth, your eyes won't see clearly now.

Is like carrying someone's heart
So tender and gentle with soft and warm hands.
When that is achieved,
The mind, heart and flesh
Cries for intimate illustrations which
Creates one inexplicable pleasure.

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Camagu Somana Popularity

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