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Hugs, Kiss And Love

Are like a warm blanket
Covering the cold in a cold weather.
If you

Land Of My Birth

When we were small,
We used to dream about big things.
But poverty was none of them
As it is so big and rife.

Young Hearts

For love, never offer your hearts in abundance
As that may cause you to ride an ambulance
Because of heartaches and headaches
For dreams and promises require high stakes

Son Of A Bible Woman

Son make your mom proud,
And she willsend you blessings from above.
Make her so proud in such a way that,
She visits you every night in your dreams.


If I ask God to bless you,
Would you give Him praises
Or me as I was instrumental
In you receiving those

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Camagu Somana is a poet, short story writer and a fine artist. He started writing poetry at the early age in his teenage years. He is yet to publish a book, he is busy with a poetry soon to be published before the end of the year 2017. His poems and short stories were only published in Free State News in 2004 and 2005.

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