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Are like a warm blanket
Covering the cold in a cold weather.
If you

When we were small,
We used to dream about big things.
But poverty was none of them
As it is so big and rife.

For love, never offer your hearts in abundance
As that may cause you to ride an ambulance
Because of heartaches and headaches
For dreams and promises require high stakes

Son make your mom proud,
And she willsend you blessings from above.
Make her so proud in such a way that,
She visits you every night in your dreams.


If I ask God to bless you,
Would you give Him praises
Or me as I was instrumental
In you receiving those

Opened a bit and my man
Knocking at the door so gentle and kind
My mind is borrowed far away
Only feeling the touches and

Golden winds
Swiftly whirling while his hands
Are red
Crying and trying

Tastes sweeter than anything
I have ever tasted.
Kissing and caressing you - What a flow!
The spark blazing flames uncontrollable - A feeling

Blood lusting criminals
Are everywhere roaming and thirsting
For blood of innocent people.
In their veins lust is desperately

When in hot days so tired,
With little or no sign of being inspired.

In my fridge so hopeless,


There comes love,
I have never experienced.


As winter ends,
Flowers do bloom…
Driveway demands we use a broom

Love as a drug
So addictive, that
You start to see the things
Nobody sees and emotions rise

Her heart is
My warm soft comfort
Keeping my smile
So wide

In his red dreadful eyes
I see deadly rage
Like a bull, he breathes high
Sweat and blood across his face

For my little and loving heart
Follows trends,
Trends you have set yourself - I didn't want us apart.

On the said date
Prior to the happening
I dreamt
Bad things coming my way

If l stay l might not have another chance.
If l stay I might not leave again.
Let me take a forward step to a place
Wildly unknown but I'm sure it is free from pain.

Camagu Somana Biography

Camagu Somana is a poet, short story writer and a fine artist. He started writing poetry at the early age in his teenage years. He is yet to publish a book, he is busy with a poetry soon to be published before the end of the year 2017. His poems and short stories were only published in Free State News in 2004 and 2005.)

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Hugs, Kiss And Love

Are like a warm blanket
Covering the cold in a cold weather.
If you
Squeeze too tight, you feel the warmth
And the temperatures rise too high
And you never want to let go.

Is like a soft
Feather slowly touching the under belt petals.
Once tasted
The minds run riot uncontrollable
To a place where you will never be yourselves again.
To tell you the truth, your eyes won't see clearly now.

Is like carrying someone's heart
So tender and gentle with soft and warm hands.
When that is achieved,
The mind, heart and flesh
Cries for intimate illustrations which
Creates one inexplicable pleasure.

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Camagu Somana Popularity

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