Philosopher's Wing Poem by Nika McGuin

Philosopher's Wing

Rating: 4.0

As I passed the threshold
a mysterious song was playing
with words so ominous
a halting pause ensued
provoking me to think, and think, and think

'I'll never get the chance again..
I'll never get the chance again..
I'll never get the chance again..'

Was it missed opportunity
or simply not destined to be
is it that the world is full of people we'll never meet
or is it that we only intersect
with those whom we're meant to meld with

Perchance, I should just go
with the flow
and not try to know
still, wise men say we should always ask: why, why, why
but instead of wise
they must be: mad, mad, mad
asking why, and still never knowing
could dither anyone insane
it must be fitter to have a birds brain
they seem to tweet on by
never caring or wondering why
thus instead of man, they fly

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
Turns out the song was called Touch My Hand by David Archuleta.
I researched the few lyrics I remembered later.
Daniel Brick 30 March 2014

The title PHILOSOPHER'S WING echoes through the poem since at the very end flight is offered as a compensation for birds' lack of intelligence. And it is a tempting trade-off! The wonder of flight, and a life undisturbed by nagging philosophical issues which the speaker cannot ignore. This poem surprised me because I still feel torn between the life of a human being and the life of a bird. I can see the limitations of a bird's existence observing the repetitive behavior of my canary, and yet he seems perfectly fulfilled in his existence, whereas I am always wrestling with choices, dealing with the burden of FREEDOM, that unique human trait. Can someone else decide for me? Please? No, I'm on my own to choose.

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Ramesh Rai 30 March 2014

An interesting write. Philosopher's have wings on their brain.

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Valsa George 31 March 2014

While man is constantly plagued by questions and doubts, the bird is free and never bothers about the puzzles and mysteries of life. We contnue to seek the why and what of things and as such are left agitated and mad! But can we as human beings, remain unperturbed by the happenings around? A poem casting serious philosophical thoughts before the readers! A 10 for this great write!

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Tanya Gupta 31 March 2014

very nicely penned peice. i liked your title and the poem is just fabulous, no other words........ come and read my poems i too believe in philosophy

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Dr Antony Theodore 31 August 2018

it must be fitter to have a birds brain they seem to tweet on by never caring or wondering why thus instead of man, they fly....they simply fly and enjoy this life. we with our brain and the thinking faculty make our lives more difficult.. it is so true dear poetess. a very good philosophical poem.. tha nku. tony

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Edward Kofi Louis 24 December 2015

Hope! There is another time for it. Nice work.

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Savita Tyagi 23 July 2015

To wonder and to ask why it exists! two twins given to us as birth right. Pamper them, nurture them and enjoyed them. Without them life wouldn't be the same. Enjoyed your poem very much.

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Daniel Brick 28 August 2014

This is a great title which relates to the point at the end about birds not men flying, but you seem to be making a connection with the human need to ask why, and that is our flight - mental, imaginative, metaphorical, not physical, ordinary, literal like a bird's flight.. By the way, the philosopher Henry Corbin coined the word IMAGINAL for experiences which are in-between actual and imaginary. Your poem illustrates the imaginal experience of mental flight and makes me a believer. But your poem opens an issue, it doesn't close it. the mystery is also a wonder, and both are still out there enticing us to think further, not to the point of madness, but rather of liberation.

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Daniel Brick 10 April 2014

I was hooked by the word THRESHOLD in the first line. I love the notion of a threshold because it's a clear marker of a before/after experience or then/now or I/we - that kind of thing. It's seems to me a poem is an ideal literary form in which to explore Threshold Experiences. Your poem explores the before/after threshold crossing after hearing a song which puts a nagging idea in your head. (I'm really caught up with this THRESHOLD format your poem illustrates. I'm going to try my hand at it later today.) Being on the other side of the threshold unleashes your train of thought but it remains an open issue - no closure yet - the bird's flight makes way to close the poem but it doesn't resolve the issues raised. The space you entered is too new for closure yet.

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