Real Honor

We are blindly running after
Seeking destruction and disaster
No aim, no goal but simple achievement
World should not be witnessed with improvement

We seek revenge
And write on page
We failed to survive
Because peace could not be revived

Many countries starve
Poor population observe
Helplessness and apathy on face
Who has the time to trace?

The pigeon is chosen as symbol
For peaceful call
Both have same mission
One to outside and another within nation

Let us wipe out misery
That is only wish of almighty
Bring cheers to creator
That shall be called real honor

Real Honor

Iskandar Yusuf Poet Hasmukh Mehta: with poetry we convey a message of conscience, a conscience that can be heard by all people who live on the surface of this earth, conscience which brought our souls in the form of a poem, poetry knows no color, nationality and religion, poetry is able to bind our emotions fellow man for a unity friendship 30 mins · Unlike · 1

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Inspiring message in a perfect tone. Particularly loved the pigeon thing. 6 hours ago by Eleanor Poppy Sperry | Reply

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We are blindly running after Seeking destruction and disaster

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