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'Rebel Expression'

Give me freedom or give me death!
Instead they give a life of debt and call the dream American.
Send us off to give our lives to greater costs feeding us a bullshit cause promotes a sense of justice.
No man goes to war and dies unsure if they are right.
Allow us an allowance taking first the ripest fruits of our labor, want a home, not a problem, take this loan then break your back to pay us back.
In the end if you manage to have payed all of the interest, then you can pay us taxes on the land we stole to begin with.
A recycling of paper bills with no real resourcefull backing other than the propaganda to demonize the countries we're attacking.
None shall rise against the common sense implanted and programmed by the top percent.
Brain washed to want more than we need through all outlets and mainstreams they planted the seed and mended them patiently generation to generation they molded their breed.
 No questions will be asked in this mirage of a republic, monkey see monkey do playing your part never taking part in the land of redundance. You see!

They gave us dreams in abundance, they feed us lies by the hundreds, they give us just enough to hope for better days where grass is greener.
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Saturday, August 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: expression,revolutionary