Recklessness Poem by Nova saleh


Rating: 5.0

That was the last happy memory, you ripped my heart out of my chest.

My love I would take a shot for you, I would walk to the end of the earth until I find the answer.

Through this pain I would hope to gain your love
My tears fall to the ground creating a puddle, lake and now a ocean.
what you don't understand is that your worth it, I refuse to lose you I would die for you, I would give you all I have, I would do the impossible to reach you, but would you do the same?

But still, I would give and you will take.
I am a mess.
My reflection shows bruises and cuts and most of all a hole, a hole through my heart.
I can see right through it, empty no feelings left I'm drained blank like paper I'm numb as cold ice, cannot move, perplexed in my own fear of losing you.

Our sweet memories taste bitter now, but still I want you by my side my whole life is devoted to you, only you have the power to take it away.

So please, I beg, save me, save me from myself.

Broken Heart 28 July 2011

It's good :) hey, there is no use of commenting on your own poems to thank people. You can message them because they wont be able to see it. Of course you should write more. You have a great talent don't let it go to waste. I'm jealous of your skills D:

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Nova Saleh 19 July 2011

Rated 10 no way! thank you for your comment I wrote this poem a few months ago, but no one commented now I finally have a comment I'm thinking to write more poems now. Your feedback is very helpful and much appreciated =)

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Abdallah Gamal 18 July 2011

A story full of metaphors and colors of pain and loyalty to the on who u love is changed into a beautiful pic., , Although it seems sad and painful but it talking about the loyalty which we've missed it nowadays, , great work, , keep on writing poems like this we're waiting :) , , rated 10

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Nova Saleh 13 April 2011

This my first time writing a poem, so people tell me what you think?

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