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I Love You Although I'Ve Never Met You

In my life you are a beautiful dream,
but in my dream you are mine.
You are the soul and the blood stream,
that could make me an eternal life.

A Moment Can'T Be Forgotten

</>When you wake up at 6 O'clock Am, and take a look from your window
You see an amazing sight, a beautiful light makes the sky glows

You feel a power comes when you inhale the breeze of the dancing flowers

I Waited A Long Time For You, And My Dream Came True

I was like a withered flower in a barren desert,
till I breathed your smile that brought life to my heart.

I was like a homeless child looking for a shelter.

If We Can Touch The Stars.. So Why We Insist On Wars.

Sometimes you look in your tape of past, and miss being a cute child.
Just remembering that, makes you feel as you're seeing the heavens after you were blind.
Remembering my dad pushing me while I was riding makes me feel out of my mind.
Remembering my sister hiding from me above the tree, and I got tired of find.

I Will Remain Faithful To You.. Whatever You Do

Now we've arrived to the end of the road
No one can feel the weight of the load
We were chosen to be forever on the road
But you chose for me to be abroad

Abdallah Gamal Comments

Claudia Krizay 02 August 2011

I love your poems! They are beautiful! You have real talent- I look forward to reading more of your work.

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Mj Lemon 05 January 2015

So many great poems. You write about issues and feelings that everyone can relate to or has encountered. Excellent writing. Hope there will be new poems in the future.

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Beverly Scofield 02 December 2011

I am so touched by the depth of feeling in your poetry, Abdallah. I think it is courageous of you, writing poetry in a language that isn't your first tongue. I myself would not be anxious to try such a feat of intellect. I will continue to read your poems and look forward to what comes from you.

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Lenore Lee 22 November 2011

A young man who speaks great truth. Wisdom is in all his words that gives belief to others who have none left. It is a joy to read his words and a pleasure to talk with hin.

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Unwritten Soul 17 September 2011

Abdallah Gamal, such a great poet in the making, could be one day hold one of the famous name in poetry. Many of Abdallah's poems speak wisdom and inspired many readers. Keep writing and talent to be used not to keep silent my friend :) Unwritten Soul

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