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In my life you are a beautiful dream,
but in my dream you are mine.
You are the soul and the blood stream,
that could make me an eternal life.

I was like a withered flower in a barren desert,
till I breathed your smile that brought life to my heart.

I was like a homeless child looking for a shelter.

</>When you wake up at 6 O'clock Am, and take a look from your window
You see an amazing sight, a beautiful light makes the sky glows

You feel a power comes when you inhale the breeze of the dancing flowers

Sometimes you look in your tape of past, and miss being a cute child.
Just remembering that, makes you feel as you're seeing the heavens after you were blind.
Remembering my dad pushing me while I was riding makes me feel out of my mind.
Remembering my sister hiding from me above the tree, and I got tired of find.

Now we've arrived to the end of the road
No one can feel the weight of the load
We were chosen to be forever on the road
But you chose for me to be abroad

I know because I tried, I know because I cried.
I know because I lied, but my passion can't be hide.
I know but I'm tired, my pain can't leave my side.
Come back I need you, after you my heart became blind.

Once I was sitting under the tree.The sun sit in a muddy spring.
The flowers were crying beside me. And a bird wounded his wing.
I raised my sight, awh what I see... A storm and great thundering.
I worried, what will happen to me. I was lost in a mysterious ring.

</>Once I was sitting alone, , wondering the beauty of nature
It was raining, and the thunder was breaking up the mountains
I was frightened, , i lost my mind, I scared of my coming future
I lost the way to my home.. I ran away under the rains

</>I don't know how.... I don't know why
I can't believe how.. how dared I?
Because of my madness.. I now cry and cry
Your character impressed me... so how can I?

someday, somewhere, he will come
he will come to renew my life again
to tell me the story of every night
to play with me, to sing with me

I come today to say to this life that I'm not afraid.
I don't even care anymore about what you made.
Everything has its end, but the smile won't fade.
Everything has its price, and so I have paid.

It was a dark night, full of fights, as if the sun will never rise
The bullets were passing beside me, but I couldn't realize
All the people were afraid, , I was trying to resist anywise
The voice of freedom rose high in the souls of the arise

</>Once in a glowing night I was lying beneath the stars,
The moon was illuminating in the sky
I found my self in a world where there are no any liars,
in a world where there is no how or why

A day without u is like a day without its sunshine
If I had a flower for every time I think about u
Then my life will turn to be a forever garden
when I see flowers grow, and the sky is blue

A still tongue keeps a wise head.
A talkative fool tries to turn heads.
A sailor thinks himself a rocket scientist.
everyone deceives me, everyone does their best,

All the dreams I had turned to ash.
All the happy moments I lived went in a crash.
All the promises we kept, you threw it carelessly in the trash.
I don't know what happened, as if I went blind by a flash.

I wanna be a good person, so everyone will love me,
so my dad says that's my son, so everyone will point at me,
saying: 'He's the bright moon, he has the perfect beauty,
he has the eyes of the sun, who is that angel could be.'.

Sometime u just have to hold ur head up high
blink away the tears and say good-bye
forget all the pain, stand up and try
cuz nothing in this life tends u to cry

It's very amazing to have someone who appreciates you
Who loves you, who believes you, who remains faithful to you
Who respects u, whenever u're false, whenever u're true
Who turns you life to a beautiful garden, who turns your sky to blue

sometimes you look to other people and see them happy,
while you're stuck in many troubles, asking yourself 'why am I so gloomy? '

You see this girl talking about her new dress, and that boy shining with his girlfriend,

The Best Poem Of Abdallah Gamal

I Love You Although I'Ve Never Met You

In my life you are a beautiful dream,
but in my dream you are mine.
You are the soul and the blood stream,
that could make me an eternal life.

I've made the most important discovery of my life,
It's only in the mysterious equation of love,
that inspired the world arround me and changed my life,
It was hard to find it, and harder to solve,
It was like a dream to me as well as a great strife,
and that is the great power and the magic of love,

I love you although I've never met you,
with you I can stand up for anything to do.
I love you although I've never met you,
you changed my life and so my sky to blue.
I love you although I never met you,
but in my dreams I really meet you.

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Claudia Krizay 02 August 2011

I love your poems! They are beautiful! You have real talent- I look forward to reading more of your work.

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Mj Lemon 05 January 2015

So many great poems. You write about issues and feelings that everyone can relate to or has encountered. Excellent writing. Hope there will be new poems in the future.

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Beverly Scofield 02 December 2011

I am so touched by the depth of feeling in your poetry, Abdallah. I think it is courageous of you, writing poetry in a language that isn't your first tongue. I myself would not be anxious to try such a feat of intellect. I will continue to read your poems and look forward to what comes from you.

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Lenore Lee 22 November 2011

A young man who speaks great truth. Wisdom is in all his words that gives belief to others who have none left. It is a joy to read his words and a pleasure to talk with hin.

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Unwritten Soul 17 September 2011

Abdallah Gamal, such a great poet in the making, could be one day hold one of the famous name in poetry. Many of Abdallah's poems speak wisdom and inspired many readers. Keep writing and talent to be used not to keep silent my friend :) Unwritten Soul

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