Never Thought Poem by Nova saleh

Never Thought

Never thought it'd last like this, never thought it'd ever end like this never thought I'd pretend never thought this would ever end never thought I would feel this way.

Looking into memory page 36 I remember we'd be laughing for hours with a smile on our face, now that chapter has ended we begin with a new page.

Never thought it'd ever last like this, never thought it'd ever end like this Never thought we'd be weak now, I'm almost on my knee's I could hardly choke up the words oh please.

Now I try to live like there's nothing wrong with me and you, then I'd think maybe no fire with no spark, its fate, it is going to lead to a place I'd thought we 'd belong, grow old together oh its a picture perfect memory that's slowly slipping away......I'm gone.

Never thought it'd ever be like this never thought it'd ever feel like this and now our time is no longer, baby its not a mystery now our stars has ran its course and the light has already faded away, my dear as much as you would like to believe that we can always be like before, this darling would be living a lie.

I am just making use of what's left now, like left over foot prints that's waiting to be stepped in.

Subodh Pandey 14 June 2012

A nice and poignant write

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Sally Plumb Plumb 08 December 2011

Great last line.

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Broken Heart 28 July 2011

wow this is awesome and deep. It has soo much rhythm in it. I love it. My poetry sucks infront of yours.

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Nova Saleh 19 July 2011

Feel free to comment :)

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