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My heart beats faster when Im with you
My mind is always on you
You are the only thing i think about
Im always caught up with your smile then to listen to you

So this is it….
I finally found out the truth
Never expected it from you! ! !
I thought you were my friend….

You were the best thing in my life!
I never thought i could be so lucky to have you
You were the first to make me smile
And laugh so hard....

I sit in the dark corner all day long
Just writing my life's song
Why am i always so confused?
Why does everything wrong happen to me?

We've tried so hard to understand, but we can't.
There is nothing else left in our hand!
We werent meant to be
I tried my hard to be together

A bestfriend is whom you can share all your secrets
And tell them all your regrets
A bestfriend is always there to give you a hand
And plant beautiful flowers in your land

Being a kid was the best part
Childhood is the best part of a person's life
When it rained,
Just run outside and jump around everywhere,

I wait day and night
Trying to seek the light

Im sitting in the dark

i am fading in the dark
the darkness is evolving in my soul
The pain is rushing through ny veins
No one there to pick me up when i fall

I sit in the corner crying all alone
Wishing you would come back soon
My life is nothing without you
I wanna tell you how much I love you

Why did you hurt so much?
Why did you hurt so much?

How could you be so heartless?

I wake up every morning
Wishing you were here with me
Trying to get through this life
Wanting to pick up a knife


Some say its heaven
Some say its hell

Some say its awesome

Your ignorance is killing me inside
All my emotions that i cant hide

Your the only thing thats always on my mind

what you left behind..
is nothing but sadness..
nothing but misery...
tears for u....


Fear is when a child asks you to keep the light on because he thinks there are monsters under his bed
Fear is when you wake up in sweats from a nightmare
Fear is when a teenager hits his father's car and doesn't know how to tell him
Fear is when you're sitting in the examination hall waiting to see the paper

She hides her pain like nothing is wrong
She wipes her tears to make herself strong
But its no use at all.
Everyone thinks she's happy


All i feel is pain
All i see is tears and blood
my past haunts me evry single second of my life
i cant make it stop

No one knows the true me
i have feelings too....
But everyone keeps playing with my emotions
And keep breaking my heart

I'm sorry for everything
I never wanted this to happen
Whatever I did, Whatever I said
I didn't mean it

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A Girl's Love

My heart beats faster when Im with you
My mind is always on you
You are the only thing i think about
Im always caught up with your smile then to listen to you
And im sorry for that!
I only want to spend time wth you
You are the one who comes in my dreams all the time i sleep
I dont know what happened to me?
What is this feeling?
Can it be?
Is this love?
Yes, this is love!
I love him!
But he doesnt love me
He loves someone else as I see!

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 14 June 2010

I read a few of your poems for now, and I don't see a weak writer I see a 15 year old expressing herself and the world around her. You want to write? Then write, no one can tell you what to write, your telling the story, your telling the world. If you hadn't noticed by now your a creator, Develop your own style, If you hadn't noticed by now this your world and your voice makes whatever universe, multi-verse, or multiple dimesion you want. Keep writing...

4 1 Reply
Ruby Honeytip 05 August 2012

I am new to poetry. Your words inspire me and I would love for you to pop by to see what I have written. Take care: -)

19 6 Reply
John Kennedy 26 July 2012

i love this poem wish i could be there to hold you out of the dreadful darkness

14 6 Reply
Emo Boy mike 07 April 2012

Ur poems r great10++^^

11 5 Reply
Anthony Mcduffie 01 December 2011

Fantastic poet :) & I would say more, but I'm still too speechless ;)

24 5 Reply
Surya Shaji 15 October 2011

It's really nice and touching! ! !

14 10 Reply

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