Reconciliation Brings Purification Poem by Paul Amrod

Reconciliation Brings Purification

The premonition of a lilting spiraling spirit
is luxuriating unfathomable impressions
and approaches us with an inconceivable euphoria.
The wandering salesman slithers
aimlessly in search of his elusive alleviation.
Kindling an enduring influx
of sentimentality awakens hither
all presuming prophets of gloom.
Enfolding atmospheric inventions
the salesman ripples gingerly in augmentation.
Embracing an antique bouquet which blooms
unceasingly as he enters his phantasmagoria.
Lullabying the enfant terrible
arouses a skeptic who resumes
his bitter and acrimonious procession.
Whipping tempests of cleansing power
are proceeding with a torrential deluge.
Honestly spoken our voices appeal through a Gloria
to incite an atmosphere of reconciliation.
The blindness of pride will be disposed assumed
as superfluous and injurious to our purification.
Subterranean murmuring flowers
will surge forward and then wither
into a cocoon to retreat and consume
each opposing revelation.
An impromptu of spontaneous tunes
is fluttering gently at our waking hour,
chaperoning our inauguration.
We reverently implore our instinctive resource
to accompany our ethereal journeys.
Eventually accentuating our existential
essence in kinship with our incipient course
we will influence the habitat of the unworthy.
Transcending through rapturous valleys empowered
with trust reflecting in aftermath pensively,
which resolution we shall endorse.
Never swimming with the masses.
Imploring urgently for our basic freedoms.
We then invoke our ingenuity to perfect
our existence and to endure the task
of finding internal peace and eternal wisdom.

Sunday, July 5, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: identity
In the process of developing one's identity we involve ourselves in defining our opinions and finding our unique personality. During this exciting expansive period we may encounter other ideals that subjectively contrast our own. It is always highly important to define one's perspective and never become envious or bitter if the other ascetic receives more recognition. Once we have internalized the wonderful resource we have been given at birth, we can then advance to full fruition. Being reconciled with the universe and the environment is the key to finding a pathway toward fulfillment.
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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