Reciprocation To The Prognosis Of Disamenity Poem by Paul Amrod

Reciprocation To The Prognosis Of Disamenity

Exclusively retroactive the modus operandi is manipulated persuading
the unperturbed with pessimistic prophecies of an ominous trilogy.
Needless to say the solitary ascetic refutes this condemnation
reiterating the irrevocable proclamation of an epitomized sympathy.
Conjuring an intrinsic optimistic resource the ultimate spawning
acknowledges an instantaneous assertion of complacency.
As the dauntlessness thrives amidst the morning dew the dawning
of a fastidious philosophy flourishes through an eclectic transparency.
Authenticity metamorphosizes itself through sundry tribulations
appearing as nonpareil wisdom of a sublime and humble haunting.
Insight and attentive awareness of a multifarious camouflage
alleviates the disposition of an obstinate transiency.
Focusing our antennas on a preeminent resource we are taunting
all configurations of the inflexible disassembling the montage.
The inept anatomy of a indoctrinated and obscure recourse brilliantly
dissipates into an illustrious rendition of a hermit's poesy.
Extricating ourselves through autonomous implications we alert the eminent evading
the essentiality of each matter of contention with our exuberant panache.
Conclusive in our naivety we compassionately adorn with our originality
creative strokes of imagination depicting the birth of a galaxy.
Encircled by the muses we conceive a miraculously divine entity
which hovers as an angelic collective encouraging our elegant personage.
Transforming our daily prognosis with a flamboyant rhapsody
the resurgence of animation will disintegrate this grey disamenity.
The laughable lobbyist is consequentially fumbling in fallacy
preempting a logical deductive reasoning losing grip with reality.
Inwardly we resurrect our ramifications alluding to insinuations
describing each water lily's petal with our descants and cantillations
awakening an embryo from its slumber to safeguard identity.
The clairvoyant appears in his own crystal ball deciphering a mélange
which is melting into a multicolored and bountiful fantasy.
Respective vantage points initiate a multifaceted and susceptible conception
implicit of our tolerance and conjunctive to a harmonious and cooperative nonchalance.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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