Redefined Ecstasy Poem by Beloved Adejuyigbe

Redefined Ecstasy

Rating: 4.5

There's a purpose in divinity,
The molly in your ecstasy,
The redefinition of your journey,
The sobriety in your dreams,
The actualization of those imaginary dreams,
The voice in your sleep, like a creep that peeps,
The rosy diamond of expression,
The gold to find in your goals.

Purpose redefined like that of a champion,
Championing the cause of the world,
Opposing the motion of destruction,
Holding the weight of hefty words,
Is this an imagination?
Of heaven made so real,
Is this a realization?
Of a place so surreal.

Passion lies, where hope resides,
Ruby flies to a place like paradise,
Hope lies in the crease of lies,
Lies are told to those who care to listen,
Passion is defined by the spark in your emotions
And ecstasy is defined in the root of your mission,
Desire is felt in the chase of those dreams,
Ecstasy is redefined in the eventualities of your dreamscape.

Nabakishore Dash 24 January 2023

Simply fantastic write.

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Beloved Adejuyigbe 25 January 2023

Thanks Nabakiishore, you could as well follow my other poems

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 24 January 2023

all ecstasy are delightful in the love of divinity

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