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Mother's womb is
full of darkness.
We remain there
for nine months.

An enormous black blanket
is the moonless sky,
occurs once in each lunar month,
none can deny.

Some delegates from
our society greeted
and expressed wishes to
The rose.

An insane giant,
moves like heavily drunk,
sometimes runs,
sometimes walk

Man has divided mankind
on caste, colour, region and religion.
Excoriation does not reveal
any distinction,

Mobile phone has
enslaved us almost
all times of the day.
Our one hand remains curled

why do we die?
what causes death?
Can we defy death and be immortal?
are some of the riddles

You are the greatest and the finest
of all the creations.
Always capable of remaining busy
for the benefit of others,

While getting a kick from the cup
of morning tea to-day, my wife said
that two of her friends are
arriving soon after a long gap.

There lived a swan
on a branch of the
massive banyan tree
at the edge of a big pond.

Three things never come back,
the lost time, the spoken word
and the departed soul.
Three things can not be

Very well known proverb
we read in our school days
is 'To err is the human;
to forgive, divine'.

A nomad I was,
moved from one
college to another,
free from bondage, tribulations,

The Supreme shaped the
mainland, ocean, atmosphere.
Furnished them with essentials
for the living everywhere.

On the auspicious
occasion of this Christmas,
I recognize the God's Hand
and request the Lord

Enjoying the bliss of conjugal life
brings the children
to the world.
Then it becomes the earnest duty

A razor blade is
made up of steel,
sharp enough to be used
for shaving, but can not


Tear is the fluid
that trickles down
from the lacrimal
glands present above

Kind, mind, find, bind,
brain, train,
nose, rose
such , much,

When the tongue is honeyed,
the mind is clean and tidy,
the heart is filled with love and gratitude,
there's no need to

Nabakishore Dash Biography

Dr. Nabakishore Dash is a resident of Odisha in India.He has papers published in science journals like Biochemistry international while he was working in drug and hormone research lab in Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi.)

The Best Poem Of Nabakishore Dash

My Teachers.

Mother's womb is
full of darkness.
We remain there
for nine months.

Birth enables us
to see the light of Cosmos,
the leaves see,
the flowers see,
the sky sees,
the animals see
the same sunlight
as we see.
Still there is a veil of darkness,
the garb of ignorance on us.

This veil is taken off
by proper education
imparted by noble institutions.
Excellent teachers
skilled in communication
taught us alphabets to jargons,
numbers and their interactions,
shared our burden,
inhaled some chalk power,
struggled with dusters
on black boards,
listened, with patience,
all our queries,
offered logical trust worthy
took care, tried hard,
to build, in us,
a strong foundation,
make us complete humans,
hence worthy of all admiration.

Gift of food is a relief
for some time,
gift of knowledge
is the solution for life time,
our teachers do this
for no selfish gain,
they take our success
as their credit,
our failure is their debit.

I earned my bread and butter,
also for my parents and children,
progress successfully
through many
turbulence and turmoils of life,
all due to their magnanimous
blessings and contribution.

My head bows down,
for ever, before all my teachers,
my heart is, for ever,
full of humility
and gratitude to them.
Pray them, my God,
remember their faces
and advice in
my mental realm.

Nabakishore Dash Comments

Sylvia Frances Chan 09 July 2022

Thank you for your impressive poems, they are constantly in my TOP 5 STARS, jewels to read, so very pity that our time is limited (our job etc) , but for your responses on my poems I have constantly great appreciations, Dr. Dash. I like your honesty most.

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Achyutananda Patel 25 April 2022

The poet detects jewels from sand which no one even can see.

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Nabakishore Dash Quotes

Vice is planned in mind, executed by limbs and masked by lies of tongue.

Darkness is within us, but we go to the temples to light oil lamps.

Our thoughts in mind are reflected in words and actions to make either upliftment or down fall.

A pure heart neither fears nor scares any one.

Our mistakes may be forgotten, but the lessons out of those should always be remembered.

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