Reformation Of Autocratic Thinking Poem by Paul Amrod

Reformation Of Autocratic Thinking

Outside a productive altruistic benevolent leadership we are subjects.
On life's stage the funnel for misinformation is the seed of irrationality.
Studying reason exemplifies shrewdness based on irreproachable objects
which stand undisguised like shining beams of enlightenment and reality.
The banal stubbornness of false admonition brings only golden nuggets
for the hated left-wing progressive movement accentuating their joviality.
Bannon's canons and Guiliani's fatuousness are stirring a witch's brew
somewhere in an ancient castle filled with spider webs and other topics.
Lost are our Fox News panelists who have propagated their twisted news
running liars high on their bill damned forever with their lack of neutrality.
The Reps main cornerstone is worried about the exit of logistical troops
who hover fearing the Taliban's Bounty as many Veterans kick their buckets.
The viral spread is shedding monstrously overriding all hideous psychotics
who march to the autocrat's wishes blindfolded disregarding the circumstance.
It is an overreaction to inquire whether again Russia manipulated with brutality
the initial tabulation having us all surmise Donnie received 73 million votes?
It is genuinely possible this USA is divided into an irreparable furtherance
of distrust and tribal camps embittered beyond absolution as we quote
the warnings of the unfathomable reaching our cyber world through disturbance.
Heal our wounds of this schism as we carry the flag of conciliation with validity
curing our wounded souls freeing ourselves of cynical apathetic arrogance.
Concession is awaiting the spoilsport who left his woes by the anecdote
of being an excellent golfer and womanizer cloaked ludicrously in utter stupidity.
Hallelujah screams the Secretary of State welcoming another term of this goat
who, like in his Apprentice days, fires every individual exuding competence.
Pitifully dejected he trolls in his bunker giving false expectations to his base
who marched at the million MAGA demo lost in DC looking for legality
although it is swept under a Persian carpet as he poses for maleficence.
Dreaming of expensive rallies to spread the plague of ultimate mortality
insinuating his followers are disgusting nonetheless his campaign is erased.
Testing his boundaries of acceptance he draws a line in the desert to promote
his love for the Wild West leaving Bushes and Reagans with a cowboy's disgrace.
The funky grooves of New Orleans and Detroit we barely need for our defense
for the reformation of autocracy has occurred amongst our youth with vitality.
It simply isn't chique to be a babbling baboon or a chumsy chimpanzee misplaced
in a time of renewal where equity is demanded with this massive course of resilience.

Thursday, November 19, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: reform ,satirical
Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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