Refugees Poem by Leloudia Migdali


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I see refugees keep coming in the harbour of Piraeus,
People persecuted, forced violently away from their homeland
People in thousands who involuntary
Had to give up all their belongings and flee. Why?

People not afraid to get on a wrecked boat
Cross the legendary Aegean Sea
Strive their way in hope for a better prospect,
No more misery and uncertainty in their life. Can this be?

Alas! Many find death in the rough sea
Women and children fighting against the hungry waves
Getting soaked, gasping the salty water
Sinking, drowning, calling for help. Who is listening?

People who are desperate, frustrated, even angry
Starved, tired and cold
Finding themselves in a nightmare that is real
‘What happened to our lives? '

People who encounter the unexpected apathy
In the eyes of their potential saviors.Why should they care? They Are safe in their little house, proud of their little country
That raises barbed barriers to keep refugees away. Why not?

Oh, they pity them, but better not set foot in their country.
Let others cope with them!
Take them, feed them, tolerate with them
Keep them alive though their dream is dead.

Who is their dream's thief?

Unnikrishnan E S 15 March 2021

Very incisive write. " What happened to our lives? ' "... A moot question which deserves to be answered by each one of us. Full score. Onto my fav

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Kostas Lagos 04 November 2019

Love the ironic style! Thumbs up

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