Bri Mar

'' Remember This Could Happen To You '' - Poem by Bri Mar

As I sit here homeless do you really care?
What exactly is it you see,
Try looking deeper as you stop and stare,
There's a person inside, yes it's me.

Are you perfect, have you never done wrong,
To judge others what gives you the right,
To get to where I am doesn't take long,
Look in the mirror you may well get a fright.

Get a job you bastard you're a layabout,
That's just one of the comments made,
I am hurt deep inside when people shout,
It reminds me that I m alone and afraid.

Do you know my reasons for being this way?
If you could would you let me explain,
Or would you tell me the message I convey,
Is I'm nothing but a down and out pain.

Are you aware of my history I bet you're not?
To you I'm a waste of space,
A junkie or alkie who makes you feel fraught,
I'm just a total and utter disgrace.

If you'd just take some time to give me a chance,
Maybe just maybe you'd learn,
If into my history you would just take a glance,
I believe you may then show concern.

I could be your daughter or perhaps your son,
Now don't be self-righteous and say no,
We all have parents when all's said and done,
Through my choices I've now nowhere to go.

Do I have children, a husband or wife?
Or have I always been in this state?
Ask and I'll tell you what caused me this strife,
Ignorance is what I really hate.

One thing in life you must never forget,
It's so easy to fall over that line,
Before you know it life is filled with regret,
Then your mind slips into decline.

In life we judge others without knowing the facts,
Who measures failure and what is success,
Circumstances and decisions are the ultimate acts,
They determine if life's good or a mess.

Next time you walk past me don't be all seeing,
The way you judge me may well not be true,
All I ask is you treat me as a Human Being,

‘' Remember This Could Happen To You ‘'

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