'' The Birth Of A Child '' Poem by Bri Mar

'' The Birth Of A Child ''

Rating: 2.9

I've been floating around here for quite some time,
They need to release me I've reached my prime,
I'm kicking and punching I will find a way,
In here I'm restricted so I don't want to stay.

Together we've made such a wonderful team,
But my quest for freedom is now so extreme,
Nine months of this is more than devotion,
But suddenly I hear lots of commotion.

What is going on I'm feeling much hotter,
The strange thing is I'm no longer in water,
This feeling is intense I need to get out,
From outside my confinement I hear a shout.

Breathe deeper they're saying you're almost there,
Who are they talking to this just isn't fair,
Just then I see what I think is a light,
The feeling though frightening really does excite.

I'm almost there but I won't be rushed,
The fact is I feel like I'm being crushed,
My lungs are bursting I can't last much longer,
Suddenly the momentum is getting stronger.

At this point I look up and what do I see,
Bright lights and strange beings at last I am free,
There is to-ing and fro-ing as I make lots of noise,
They're saying it's the same with both girls and boys.

At last I can see that person I've heard,
My Mother with whom my life I have shared,
They separate us now but we'll never be apart,
Forever more she'll remain in my heart.

After they've cut my umbilical cord
Together we go to the maternity ward
This feeling of freedom is driving us wild
There's nothing to compare with,

'' The Birth Of A Child ''

Anita Sehgal 28 September 2012

so beautifully portrayed.. i have forwarded it to my daughter to read who is expecting her first child...

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