'' As Intervention Is What God's Seem To Hate '' Poem by Bri Mar

'' As Intervention Is What God's Seem To Hate ''

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Life can be cruel and hard to bear,
You're dead a long time that's a fact,
Why do our Gods not make us aware?
Heavens gifts are not myth but a fact.

Faith is what we are taught to believe,
Will guide us to our Heavenly domain,
If we knew it existed we'd have no need to grieve,
For eternity our lives would remain.

We live in the hope Gods paradise is real,
All our loved ones are on the other side,
It's cruel the way you make us feel,
Taking them from us is so hard to bide.

Then you have those who are left behind,
Their lives are left in tatters,
What kind of person could be so unkind?
To take from them everything that matters.

Those people who have never done any wrong,
You've let die in some terrible ways,
Why their agony do you prolong,
Where was your mercy when you ended their days.

Countless wars have passed you by,
Why did you not intervene?
Genocide and starvation force millions to die,
How could a God be so mean?

Your commandments you passed on to Moses,
States all of them must be obeyed,
This is autocracy and the question it poses,
Is why isn't our loyalty repaid.

Is it possible you are just a Dictator?
As criticism of you is classed as a crime,
You then brand us with the title of traitor,
Then say Hell is where you'll do your time.

Please put a stop to the killing.
End the fighting all over your planet,
Show us your people you are willing,
By engaging we know you could ban it.

We have so many Gods yet we're falling apart,
Pray tell us what is it you do,
Watching us die is not very smart,
I bet you'd change things if it happened to you.

Then again you looked on as your own son died,
You forsook him in his hour of need,
You watched as his Mother Mary cried,
That was truly a terrible misdeed.

For a person so holy you are very obtuse,
When it comes to looking after your own,
You sit back and do nothing about all the abuse,
You've watched as our misery has grown.

Of any conscience you must be devoid,
How else do you explain your behaviour?
The Bible does say you can get annoyed,
Is that worthy of the one called the saviour?

For someone so powerful you can be very cruel,
It's time you were taken to task,
Is there a way your decisions we can overrule,
That's a legitimate question to ask.

I'd be willing to meet you one on one,
To let you explain your side of this story,
Watching your creations destroying for fun,
Doesn't exactly cover you with glory.

I'd love you the Gods to prove me wrong,
But my offer I know you'll decline
In the realms of fantasy is where you belong,
As in your actions there is nothing divine.

I predict you'll do what you've always done,
Leave your world and all life to its fate
The fight against evil will never be won.

‘' As Intervention Is What Gods Seem To Hate ‘'

Xelam Kan™ 22 December 2015

It's not your field Mr.BRI, you're not made for it. But had done well, no doubt...

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Kassem Oude 26 December 2014

Hi, I am so infatuated by your writings, either in style or in meanings. I am so glad that I had the occurrence my eyes fall on the last poem of yours which led me to all. I think you're and old friend of mine before I had seen you. Go on. Kassem Oude

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