Remembering Renuka Poem by Mohabeer Beeharry

Remembering Renuka

And when the morning dawns at last,
The first arrows of the young sun
Gently drenches the hibiscus in light purple blooms,
Gilding the front courtyard,
She opens her eyes, glazed and jaundiced
And takes a long troubled look at the flowers
At her bedside and gives a sigh.
I watch, helpless, depressed and disorientated,
Crying in silence
And praying.
Who was she who once came into my life,
A stranger, heart full of love,
And stayed close ever since?
Now stands alone between two worlds,
A frail frame battered by the relentless rigour
Of a terminal nightmare.
Strong in mind; alone in her pain.
She reaches for my hands
And though not by words of mouth,
Lets her love flow, telling all she has not
The years gone by.
A smile, faint, distant, and inscrutable,
Lights her face and lingers awhile
Like the half moon on a cloudless night,
Gradually waning,
Sinking back into her own lifeless self.
For ever, for ever.
The curtains have fallen, the eternal silence
Between here and there
Between here and no where.
All was said that was needed to be said.
What was left, was never intended.
A certain fleshly heartache endures,
A certain lonely candle burning
Till the kind hands of time
Dry the tears.

Edward Kofi Louis 23 May 2016

Sad! ! Crying in silence. Thanks for sharing.

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Uma Ram 03 June 2015

Sir it triggers tears sir...thanks for sharing the beautiful love sir. REALLY ENJOYED READING IT, WITH TEARS...Sir please do read my A RAINBOW AM I...Thank you sir

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