Remembrance Poem by William King Jr.


At night I sit and cry
As the memories of you play in my head
What I wouldn't give to have you with me
None of it matters, you are dead

Memories both good and bad
Still haunt me to this day
Sometimes its too much
Sometimes, I wish they would go away

I've never experienced thus much pain
With a loved loved one being gone
But still I deal everyday
Without you in my home

Why you were taken
I will never
And the tears I cry every night
I try not to show

Just to have you here with me
Or even to feel your hair
Would make it so much
But still, you are not here

At night I lie awake
Crying out my eyes
Thinking of why it was you and not me
Something I will never realize

I miss seeing you
You smile to brighten my day
Darkness now surrounds me
And you are still away

Our love will always be immeasurable
Undying until the end
There will always be us together
My lover and my friend

When I'm alone at night
With no one to embrace
I hold the nearest pillow close
And visualize you beautiful face

Warm are the salty tears
That fall down my face
Your hands not there to clear them
I use my own in their place

The nights come and go
The days go and pass
When the Earth no longer turns
We will be together at last

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