Regret And Redemption Poem by William King Jr.

Regret And Redemption

Who is the one to say that all can't be forgiven?
To condemn me to sorrow and a life of regret?
To make my life not ever worth living
And make my love not worth the get?
Who is the one to tell me I can't be happy?
To make all my decisions in my life for me?
To tell me all my choices are wrong
And blind me from what I need to see?
Who is the one to show me the horrors of the past?
To make all my nightmares become reality again?
To play over in my mind
The death of beloved friends?
Who makes my heart fill with hurt?
Ache and bellow the pains of yesterday?
Cry out for someone to grab and love
To sooth and ease my distress away?
Who is the one to fill my eyes with the tears?
From the emotions of living a life unfulfilled?
Knowing that no matter my life's outcome
I can't bring back the one's life has killed.
Who is to blame for my instability?
My highs, my lows, my feelings of sorrow?
My thoughts of imminent suicide
Not caring to see another tomorrow?

My destiny will never be my own
My days, always number by mortality
My life, ruled by the corruption of the flesh
My past scarred for all eternity
My present indecisive in my own eyes
My future, not promised to me with every breath I take.
I am not immortal, nor am I greater than mortal
My mortality limited to my lifestyle
My life limited to each day, of course
My choices decided beforehand, I know not how
My feelings forced upon me with harsh force
My sorrow draping me in a cloud
My happiness clouded by regret with no home
My heart hazed in pains I may never forget
My tears filled with liquid torture of living alone
My instability I must deal with nevertheless
My loneliness I bear each and every day
Redemption I need in every way

Have I wronged someone so much
That karma decides to curse my being
With the worst possible outcomes in life
That all happiness I know goes fleeing?
What have I done to deserve this?

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