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Poem by Candy Kelly

Beseechingly across the horizon I swept my eyes,
(After what seemed an eternity of winters cryptic fog)
To drink in the pale blue velvet of spring skies,
Crafted and placed there by the loving hands of God.

My vista filled with a billion rainbows, wove in tapestry,
The bounty planted from seeds of love spread out just for me.
Oh, my heart did soar with joy, like a bird on diaphanous wing.
Elated, I was a child again, once more to laugh, to play, to sing.

And all the things I ever loved were there for me to hold.
And all the things I cherished dear, were captive in my soul.
And all the people I cared about, were there for me to prize-
The meaning of life and death answered in their eyes.

Streams ripe with milk and honey flowed in this Promised Land.
Where angel’s voices hushed the night and His oceans polished the diamond sand.
Where visions of ethereal phantoms danced around about us.
And lambs lied down beside the beasts, where humanity was fair and honest.

I lived among the moon, the stars, the sun!
Oh, to know such pleasure!
I ran and leapt and rolled boundless,
My joy could not be measured.

Then a light flashed so bright to blind me,
My passage began to fade-
“No, ” I wept, “don’t make me leave.”
But His decision had been made.
He wrapped His arms around me and compassion was my friend.
His elegant presence disclosed, “Some day you’ll return again.”
Black clouds fell down to shroud us, as we said our last good-byes
And I saw Him wipe His face, perhaps to dry teardrops from his eyes?

I was returned in one Almighty breath, to tell His children of our final fate:
“It’s all a test, for we must love in these times of war and hate.”
But no one listened, seems no one cared. The words I spoke fell on deafened ears.

So I lived my life with favor and did all that I could do,
For I knew where I would go, when my temporal life was through.
And many times, like God, I dried tears of sorrow from my eyes,
And often times I wondered heaven-ward, “God where are you and why? ”

Years had passed and I could not recall His righteous face.
I missed his soothing tone, His glorious, Holy grace…
… Until one night while in a dream, He stood right by my side.
I believe I saw Him smile, His forgiveness so divine-
No troubled words He said to me, no anger did He chide.
His splendor I had sensed before, yet had not fully known,
Until He bid open the Golden Gates of Rapture, my eternal, heavenly home.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 17, 2005