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I grew up in the 'hippie' era. In a small Southern California Beach town. I've been married and divorced four times. I like that against the odds, I have survived and grown and I am one of the most wonderful people I know. I love, I care, I live, I appreciate, I believe in The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I still hope and have faith, I write, and p ...

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You say he broke your heart and you can’t go on?
You cry all day and night until you think you’re going to drown?
Well, stop your sniffling sister,
It’s no ones fault but yours.

Missin' The Freaks & Geeks @ Venice Beach

Memories of drinkin’,
beach parties, skinny dippin’.
Beach Boys singin’
‘bout me and my friends.

Feel Me Haunt You

I will haunt you
for we were fated from Gods soul.
You will

The Mango Tango

Tropically juicy and sweet-
Makes me leap to my feet


Oh, merciful memory when I am old
Save me to remember what I behold:

Thunder clouds that roam the sweeping skies
And charmed their way into my eyes.

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