Reverse (Just Like The Movies) Poem by Lauren Michaels

Reverse (Just Like The Movies)

In autumn. The wind whipping
Dead leaves down a grey street.
Wondering if you could just walk
Backwards. Could this be undone.
If everyone would just move in reverse.

They would seem to be dancing.

Back to work. Back across the street.
Taking off coats and opening briefcases
Back to bed. Back to the mirror this morning.
Drawing the blinds and closing the door.
Back to the beginning, Back to the warmth.
If we could dance backwards.
Nothing would stay buried.

Not a member No 4 23 November 2006

Maybe I'm just perverse, but 'Nothing would stay buried' appears to me to be the killer line! But is it the type of 'buried' that we want to stay that way, or the type that does harm by simply being buried instead of expressed, ie the 'buried' that chokes us emotionally and destroys otherwise loving relationships? Whatever, all your work has a questioning about it that is refreshing and stimulating, and a very readable poetic quality. And the idea of rewinding time (even though it's old and should be unwound!) always throws up new angles in the right hands. Thanks for this engrossing read. jim

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Stuart Mason 26 July 2006

i think the dancing part of this rescues it from a list of things in reverse to something profound, hmm. Like the title too.

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