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This is Fact!
If a quadratic equation
With real coefficients
Has complex roots

A dichotomy
My skin, pale like my mother

We Are not used to the heat.
It weighs on us. Heavily.
Faces sheened in sweat.
And red with the slightest exertion.

Meek now, the night subsiding
We hunch our shoulders against the cold
And troop more than traipse home.

I found myself alone.
Feet aching, head spinning
Taking a moment to rest.
Suddenly and sadly

Listening to Elliot Smith On Repeat
With some written cheap significance.
The Secret History or such like.
In the Cool Blue of every summer evening.

The moon is perfect tonight.
A low golden slit
Obscured By shadow.
An eigth of itself

In autumn. The wind whipping
Dead leaves down a grey street.
Wondering if you could just walk
Backwards. Could this be undone.

And if the frost makes the flower
Then it blooms unbidden
And spills out
All terrible colour

I've tasted disappointment before,
In fact I was raised
On a fairly stready diet of it.
With the occasional splash of humility

Cowards write poems.
Anyone with half a gram of merit.


You were just a chubby bundle.
Just a shivering lump.
Of feather scratched skin.
Soft and peach wrinkled.

Oh please.
Take care of me.
Let me put aside
Resentment and Vitriol

The pre-morning dew.
Has seeped through our clothes
to the skin.
Aiming steadily towards

On the waves and the swells of an ocean
Of movement and irrepressible time,
We are carried, carried away.
And holding on,

I burst out of the stillness of sleep.
Pollute the night with a cacophony of sound.
My hard heartbeat roaring
My heavy chest heaving.

I'd think it a sign from the gods I think
If I were a little bit less of a cynic.
Tonight something broke in the back of my mind
And in the noise of the shower I cried and


Sun dappled faces move within
Illuminated streams of living in,
Summer out and winter in
yearly movement without, within.

It is difficult to play the society game
It is a difficult part
to play.
It is dangerous and daunting

I've struck gold with this time in between
the times when we went back to less nothing more something.
Less of the something we've been for nine years
and more of the nothing that turns on to his back with a sigh

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An Education

This is Fact!
If a quadratic equation
With real coefficients
Has complex roots
They will come
In conjugate pairs.
An enzyme is
A protein catalyst
A biological catalyst

Hard and bare.
With none of the
Physicality of living.
Facts that teach us nothing
That tell us nothing.
Of where we're going
Where we've been.
How to battle the ever
Growing apathy tides.


I sat at my maths book
And cried tonight.
For forty minutes, I cried.
I want to be a wordsmith.
To take language and make it my own.
To fill my head with free
Flowing thought.
With unchecked hopeful adlib.
And it breaks my heart.
To curdle it
With facts.

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p.a. noushad 15 December 2008

ever enchanting wings of poetry

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