Still (What Would Have Been Dignified) Poem by Lauren Michaels

Still (What Would Have Been Dignified)

Rating: 5.0

I found myself alone.
Feet aching, head spinning
Taking a moment to rest.
Suddenly and sadly
You were in front of me
Your dignity to the dogs.

To the dogs
With pretences.

HItching her leg by the knee
Round your waist, slim and pressing.
Formal wear and heels.
And the bar lights catch
And shine through her dress.
Casting colour shadow.

All green light
I'm green.I'm green.

Head low, trying not to look
Trying not to look like I'm looking.
Sick and tired, undone.
And I Need another Drink
I'm bound.By this dress, this night,
Seemingly endless loss.

Tell me you
Do it to hurt me

I just couldn't bear insignificance.

Not a member No 4 23 November 2006

Catches perfectly a shatteringly sad moment. Next time, if there is one, I'm sure you'll have a dignified plan of action to call upon. Very atmospheric. jim

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Goldy Locks 09 September 2006

sweet. - yeah, the ending is superb - that last line! vivid decor.

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Steve Hagget 09 September 2006

Excellent poem, Lauren - 'I just couldn't bear insignificance' is probably something that many people would agree with. Nicely captures the attention and is well written - steve

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