Reviving The Dead Poem by villiamor calventas

Reviving The Dead

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i wish
i could let saddam be born again
i would open up his skull
take out his genius brain find out
what made him so so bad..
i pray Rizal be back
let us see if he can solve
the war between muslims and christians
if he is really that genius of a race
let Marcos be alive and prove
he did not craft the death of Ninoy
and that history will rest for him
and he be a hero of our times?
wishing Moses here on earth
to explain how he really made
the parting of the sea as we see on movies?
wish that some of the gone souls
be back and preach that there is
really the beauty of heavens
and the hotness of hell
any of the dead be here as zombies
to dance on my lawn
anyway i have my plants
to exorcized them all
so how can we revive the dead tell me
so that they will shout there is really a lfe
after the earthly body be rotten and gone t0 rust
surely if that happens we will all
hurry and fill the temples and church..
but who will revive the dead
who will except God
will he make our Halloweens come to reality
but if that happens
where shall we hide?

Aung Si 01 November 2012

Try try to find the place where we hide. great my frnd. you have written delighting, great write.

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villiamor calventas

villiamor calventas

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