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Thou art like infinite sanctuary
Full with the blooms of freedom dinky.
Congrats thee, the real sign of peace.
Poetry! what a drastic deed! ! !

In spite of big bribes given to me,
I understand this is just temporary.
Mindfulness! it brightens my brain.
Dare to welcome any gain.

Would you like to visit to mausoleum?
Lots of beauties say, 'Warmly welcome.'
You will stick majestic ornaments
If eyes are allowed just to glance.

He....., a gentleman generous and broad-minded
Who we can't stand without saying 'Yes'.
Sometimes, he may be sensitive.
But for us, he's like a sky positive.

If you wanna feel a poem,
I'll compose with rhythm.
But, do promise me
You'll pay respect to poetry.

She....., not my student.
But she's always submissive my words.
Whatever I force her,
Ow! she could follow like a master.

That day, God sent her to me
Just for 30 minutes, it is momentary.
Young, charming and lovely
Sincere, shrew and brainy.

Playing with team-mates on the grass,
Sol helps us have silhouette.
It's jubilant in radiant mind.
Awesome pep reflects through us, guys.

Every night..., difficult to fall asleep
Owing to 'she' in heart deep.
Fancy murmurs about romantic stream.
May I know that is dream?

Usual cravings, as usual,
Come to me in plural.

For not enough defense,
For over offensive bad,
Shall I lose this pretty math?

Her eyes are demure diamonds
Below the rainbows of eyebrows.

Her cheeks are twin rubies

Even if one makes me to bleed
Like the blade of dangerous deed,
My belief is just laconic luck.
Sure, I'll reply with loving-kindness.

Starting the first point of this story
I know, I was wrong and crazy
Cos I tasted a bitter coffee
Enough to be extremely dizzy.

A sun is blocked by an accident.
My soul shocks and is almost dead.

The sky of moonless night

Wherever she lived,
Whatever she did,
Her spirit's on right flight.

Love may be a guarantee
For our moral to be greedy.
The cravings come out as jealousy.

Discerning deeply what I was wrong,
I felt guilty and sad songs.
I deserve being scolded for my mistake.
'I'm a humble student, 'it's my faith.

Across the sea,
I am sailing
With the soul
Afraid of dying,

To fly to the success
How many wings should we have?
The wind, a great fortune.

With all our love-painting sincere,
Let us pay our deep respect eagerly
For helping us be on the right tract
By using ruth and racy words.

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Thou art like infinite sanctuary
Full with the blooms of freedom dinky.
Congrats thee, the real sign of peace.
Poetry! what a drastic deed! ! !

Thou art like pukka palace
Full with the blood of brave courage.
Congrats thee, the secret of eclat.
Poetry! what a perfect performance! ! !

Thou art like essence of paradise
Full with the beauties of miraculous might.
Congrats thee which enliven even nonliving things.
Poetry! what an awesome arousing! ! !

Thou art like history of holiness
Full with the foot-prints of eternal eminent.
Congrats thee which every one must esteem.
Poetry! what a right of non-cancellation! ! !

Thou art like placid pioneer
Full with the ways of guiding star.
Congrats thee for sharing master brains.
Poetry! what a fabulous fame! ! !

Thou art like dynamic diary
Full with the details of fantastic fancy.
Congrats thee for inciting positive id.
Poetry! what a power splendid! ! !

Thou art like honesty hunter
Full with the breaths of white idea.
Congrats thee as the mood of gentry.
Poetry! what an eminence ecstasy! ! !

Thou art like source of souls
Full with knowledge without saying 'no'.
Congrats thee as the sincere heart-owner.
Poetry! what a never-dying aura! ! !

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Marcus Smith Poetry 24 October 2012

Thank you for your kind comments. Marcus Smith

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Ketan Hukare 05 October 2012

Hi I am your 15 yrs old pal from India I like your poems and I wish you to write more!

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Ellias Anderson Jr. 17 September 2012

A great and nice sense of poetry that is growing for all the times. i like your new and brilliant works. they all are covered by great and nice words. hope to see you always in progressing. my best regards.

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Eindaray Kyaw 16 September 2012

Well...How can I praise you to cover all of your wonderful abilities and gentle poetic soul..? I always read you poems..Whenever I read your poems..I feel the same with you..I can see your mind how u tried to create these at the same time..I can't stand without appreciating u.. And I also thank you coz you always pay attention to read my poems and encourage me! ! I wish may you find great ecstasy with your poetry throughout your life.. Your sis-Eindaray.....

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