Revolution Talking - Poem by FIDEL DAVYNOVICH

Cobweb wired like artery with philosophy
Published consciousness to talk revolution
Speak through patches butchered
That fill cup of hate wildly grows in thinking
And heart heavier in palm like tons
Pour obsessive words killing life
This life that pain can't kneel to leave flesh
And words like rain falls from injured mouth
Published mindedly:

We are born to see blood world
That life is razed wretchedly like eradicating Jews
Died in Psychotic Street begging at tomorrow's feet
When plenty is civilization yet poverty is business

Misery cloud life raining death like Hitler's boom
Pain makes tears gallon of water to drink
Hunger feed plate to poverty and moon weep
And oppression is gate to human existence

Life never seen happiness knock door
But horrible images caused by disastrous feasters
That never rolls by still living beside corridor of life
Like chronic dungeon making mountain on survival

Pages atop pages talk world peel terroristically
I see grows petal and dies yieldless in market philosophy
And dies again before the Sun smile with tears at eyes
Put my angry mind to shovel question revolution talking

Realistically it's hard to seal anger talking
And see self outside ourselves doom centuries
But I can't because self is we to flog them
Carrying same burden broken lifeless meaninglessly

How strong individual is rock to injure them
To think he/she/I can break mountain with words
Individualism is peanuts without proletariat placard
To storm the palace history speak in tongue of revolution

Against power and scarcity tyrant gown with democracy
Design life talking endless episode eating shaft
They basket away to themselves philosophically with virtue
And we beg licking lip, picking scrambles never gotten

While our life is shuffle like stock score-card
My thinking gets wild and barb to cut them
Busy down the tunnel of dialectic for reality
And question pictures behind wall understandably

Seeing every day wrap itself like Middle East suffering
I hardly nail at not talking revolution aloud
And travel farther beyond black mentality
Some hide nose beneath blackfish poetry for liberation

I see crawl at tree for them is science
Yet, globalization respect no blackness and whiteness inside fen
I see killers of humans years afraid never talking
Never smile at bony jaws but continue killing
Every meaning why life should never died

Sometime, words bounces out my mouth when in solitude
If human thought fails to climb ladder of consciousness
Will capital imprison war, poverty, racism and injustice with love?
When contradiction is the soul of its exploitation

In the conundrum of sympathetic rationale
Many kiss lip stain with blood of humans with reticence
And pocket their pen with farewell to revolution
Thinking the Fallen Wall is 1917 Wall for them

But Marxism is not casket mourned in African streets
Some Briefcase and Cambridge talkative lost in rhythmic verse
Can't trace aback the weight history can't hid ahead fact
Some fail to knock their feet before walking off lane reasonably

Saying lives bruise by masters' whip as done centuries
Won't fall Wall with revolution because globalization reigns
Perhaps, reality is resolution for them think behind nonentity
And march along with science chasing religion shadow to lagoon

To mirror abundance that fence us yet prematurely we died
I see pillars of lies holding religious fallacy drilling our senses
The hierarchy costumes Last Supper bread
For frogs to eat and go blind plastering questions

And be lenient before barbaric philosophy favouring expropriation
Long ago I deafen listening and whitewash the nonsense
Taking people to swamp for obituary
And paste posters that suicide is psychology without blaming system

How real talking it, when they machine to say our life?
Can only be free, free through the unseen blessings
Years in the barricade of death we pledge loyalty
Unable to shifter nonsense from senses

That in breaking this faith pieces with cannon balls
People are beaten to hug humility and become jackass
I see carpingly breastfeed from liars' litres of lies
For teaching slate of lies: Portrait mold with Liars tongue

I again see the dice of lies package like "Fast Food Nation"
The "Dark Side" hidden behind palm of groceries killing us
And the electrify food that drives world crazy in capitalism
Telling us health is save inside microwave of death we eat

Like puritarianism I see talking in the mouth of revolution
Revolution in Glorious tongue cast mole on paupers skin
Aftermath greedy fingers clinch whole power for exploitation
Yet, policy is hammer to kernel beyond fairness world preaches

I see life in field battling walls of les faire hardly fair to life
Drown society body till bones climb conscious ladder
Fight monstrous economy told is fair by genius paid with workers sweat Like in Linfen night poison is day suffering mouth talk about

Parchment misarrange like "nothing with nothing"
And "the morning comes to consciousness" to spit anger
Fight to read interpretation in reality eyes left tinted
For road is not catwalk and candelabra but struggle

Fighting to end plague heavily that falls killing society
Around the globe chicks belittle skin and colour to fight united
Burn fear before fierce bullet waste life as done in Stalingrad
Bulls sprinkle disarray to feed from implanted mess over continents

Fighters' road liberation talking revolution legitimately
In streets privatization is killer and judiciary armour it
To imprison voices blowing horn deafening system ears
Against plight humans are crucify like Jerusalem zealots

Continue fighting, fight, and continue the battle
For revolution is talking with demands of socialism and liberated science
The road suffering need like inalienable oxygen from body
To end continental Wolves feeding on workers' dead in battle ground

All over planet reality witness watching business eyes
And government sword-carrier for them against us globally
Merciless with baton and guns license to silent talking
Like Memory Not Forgotten tested might of them

The Eight Days of 2012 that up-down this country
But suffers betrayal at cost of tortuous boneless calibers
Talkative that eats talk and back to sleep for bourgeois cake
Offer to them against voices talking bread for land

Like "Ten Days That Shook" capitalism legs and overthrown monopoly
That spread the cloud over humanity to protect stolen wealth
From lives through machine died to feed them monsters
Centuries loudly yawn the hideous done to sackcloth

The world of them published legit in rhetoric
And blame backwardness on us eyes drip blood
And sweat taste suffering maniac civilization phrase innocent
Against us talking revolution the road left for world to sail-

Back to peace, free bread, free democracy in prison
Caused by teachers teaching us it's evil to fight them
When revolution is headline continent can't hide talking like ballad
Like poetry soul of language speaking market magnanimity like atheist

That revolution is not a liar proof breaking inequality freely
Revolution is science for world's oxygen to kill suffering
Revolution is dialectic to arm consciousness against exploitation
Revolution is headline continent can't hide talking like ballad

Revolution is thunder to tear capital's empire for equality
Revolution is not inalienable society want like bread
Revolution is enemy of "corporate monopoly" feasting existence
Revolution is workers to slam capital and free Sun from captivity

Topic(s) of this poem: revolution

Form: Ballad

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem is about the world class politics revolving around humans. I started writing it immediately I finish a book about China. I was angered to the pen and spend hours alone in the dark to finish this poem.

Comments about Revolution Talking by FIDEL DAVYNOVICH

  • Jazib KamalviJazib Kamalvi (9/22/2017 6:10:00 PM)

    A great start with a nice poem, Fidel. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks (Report)Reply

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  • Fidel DavynovichFidel Davynovich (6/5/2017 11:23:00 AM)

    really intriguing with sound diction that journeys the mind to the historical voyage of humanity and the struggle between classes and the best method to saving humanity from dying... this indeed is 'revolution talking' (Report)Reply

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