Riding The Golf Cart Poem by Deanna Samuels

Riding The Golf Cart

Riding the golf cart had never been in my ambit
No real desire to be on the links to either drive or sit
Out of the blue an invite to go on a practice round
Accompanying, not swinging the clubs around
Even so, what an interesting experience to encounter
Making my debut as a golf course attender
What does one wear? Never thought of that before
Is there a special outfit, an acceptable decor?
Never mind, Capri white jeans and comfortable cotton top
The forecast of the day was calling for sunshine and very hot
Well, the arranged golf afternoon duly arrived
A drive through the countryside of Clarington inspired
Firstly though, to a farm some miles further on
Bought a dozen freshly picked peaches and cream Ontario corn
Got to the Newcastle Golf Club well in good time to park and prepare
Met our friend Tim who outlined the pattern of the afternoon fare
Waited in line for a golf cart to ride
Within a few minutes, Gary and I sat side by side
Tim in his own cart called out ‘follow me to the first tee'
Gary took control of the wheel, arrived and parked under a tree
The guys made their first tee offs, the game was under way
Found the balls a bit further ahead; more swinging and hitting up the fairway
Finally, got to the first green and both putted their balls into the cup
An unremarkable start but not bad for a six-year interrupt!
Gary still driving the cart, three further tees were taken on
Scores more encouraging, I made my transition
Moved to the driving seat and took control of the wheel
Drove a few yards to get the feel - it was an immediate appeal!
Reminded me of my youth when driving the bumper cars at the fair!
Gary graciously sat in passenger seat, can now improve his flare
Well, was it a hoot, driving on each fairway following the play
This certainly has turned out to be a really good day!
Down rough pathways and bendy corners following the game along
Up steep hillocks and back into the glen, this was definitely my aplomb!
All the while, the guys continued their game, Tim and I driving to each stop
Finally, the last green and cup approached, each golf ball fell in with a plop
Riding back to the club house, now took in the golf course scene
A welcomed beverage cart, serving cold drinks to thirsty players seen
The undulating hills, manicured greens, wooded copse and thicket
A glorious day of unending sunshine, a gentle breeze to compliment it
Giving up the golf cart felt like losing that long-ago teenage bumper car memory glory
But - am not giving up - will be riding the golf cart again when golf is next in the story!

Written at Courtice, Ontario - 14th August 2020

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: golf
Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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