Rising Out Of The Ashes Poem by Sven Rhoads

Rising Out Of The Ashes

You burned my world and left no stone unturned
All that was me has been blown away in the wind
Destroyed by the betrayer with silver tongue
This is not over, I cannot let you win

If it takes me a thousand years I will find a way
I will return one day out of this misery
If it makes me cross the fabric of space and time
I will rise out of the ashes and take back what is mine

Salting the earth until nothing can grow again
Across the horizon I'll be waiting around the bend

You brought down the sky and smothered me to death
Poisoned the foundation of my proudest dream
Ruined the efforts with the bubonic blackened touch
Among the embers and cinders I'll rise in the steam

If it takes working my fingers down to the very bone
I will claw my way back over burning stones
If it drags me to the depths of hell and back again
I will rise out of the ashes and make you answer my friend

You've only put forward in motion the inevitable downfall
Listen as the enemy angels are beginning to call

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