Rising Tides Poem by Sven Rhoads

Rising Tides

How easy is it to drown in this life
When you struggle just to survive
Killing yourself trying to feel alive
So why do we fear that we die

Live for something or else you'll die for nothing
Its cruel and true, its the rules to this game
Flying on wings that get burned by the sun
Stand up for your passion before the loaded gun

And so when it all comes falling down
You'll see the rising of the tides
Trying to keep your head above, dont drown
Easier said then done in this suicide
And so when it feels like endless rain
You'll find the tides are rising high
Trying to swim against the everyday strain
Weighted down by the questions why

How easy it is to fly the white flag
When you cant take more than two steps
Hanging on over broken glass you're dragged
But is all this effort just worth regret

Die for something that makes you feel alive
Or you'll be breathing without a purpose
Trying to face a new dawn that wont arrive
Dont waste your time feeling so worthless

In the rising tide you have to fight
Swim the ocean that holds your tears
You must find a way to that shining light
Before sorrow consumes yet another year

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