Roker Park Poem by Paul Reed

Roker Park

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We wandered by the boating lake
On a Sunday afternoon
With crocuses fringing pathways
For the daffodils just too soon
And felt a calm tranquillity
As the sun slipped ever lower
The ducks looking for bread and scraps
The grass yet to see a mower
The happy yells of children
In sand, on slide and swing
Holding hands and daring
To feel the coming Spring
We were happy for that half hour
Spent in the deepening dark
To let the afternoon slide idly by
As we walked around Roker Park

Kathy Van Kurin 02 March 2017

Gerard Reed, To be able to imagine another's experience is special. Your excursion with a special companion is obvious and of course who does not like to be able to share simple beauty with another? This Roker Park must be a local place? Just curious if you have gone much and does it have a history for you? Anyway with Spring approaching this was very nice to read. Anticipation is good. Crocuses and daffodils.............yes! bless you much kathy

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Paul Reed 02 March 2017

Kathy Thank you for reading my poems. Roker Park is not far from us in Sunderland (North East coast of England) and has a long and interesting history. I like to write about tranquil experiences such as the day described in the poem. Lots of my poems are about local places. What are the inspiring places near you? Thanks agaiin, best wishes Paul

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Edward Kofi Louis 26 November 2016

Tranquillity! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kathy Van Kurin 02 March 2017

Tranquility is so important; simply to live and thrive! Kathy

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