Rolling Stone Poem by Richard Theze

Rolling Stone

blown, like  seed
dispersed on the wind;

the rolling stone,

neither gathering moss,
nor roots put down;

no grass grows
beneath shiftless feet.
breeze or squall,
the charge to move

to avoid check,

neither master,
nor master has,

no direction clear,
as the wind blows.

Pamela Sinicrope 19 September 2015

I like your poetry. The image of the rolling stone is spot on and full of meaning.... I myself was thinking about these tiny pebbles as PH poems... Though some poems 'gather moss, ' 'put down roots.' As far as your poem, I think of people who go through life alone, making no connections. I agree with Sranisha... The phrase, 'no grass grows beneath shiftless feet, ' is an interesting one. What does that mean? Shiftless refers to less shifting or moving around? Nice poem!

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Richard Thézé 19 September 2015

I have moved around all my life - jobs, countries, even relationships. The poem is based on something my first boss said to me when I resigned: 'You don't let the grass grow under your feet'. The word shiftless has many meanings such as lacking in ambition and aimless. This kind of sums me up. There is another of my poems that conveys similar sentiments. Have a look at Train Poem.

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Sranisha Francis 18 September 2015

no grass grows beneath shiftless feet., yes, it is a thoughtful words.

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Richard Thézé 19 September 2015

Thank you for your kind appreciation.

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Richard Theze

Richard Theze

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