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Richard Thézé has always enjoyed reading poetry. In 2009, he was asked by the director of the Bangkok school where he taught to write a poem, as a tribute to the King of Thailand’s sister who had died the previous year. Though originally written in German, the poem was published in a high-society Thai magazine in English.

The same year, Richard wrote a second eulogy following the tragic death of a fellow teacher. Moved by the touching words spoken about him by his mother at his funeral service, he felt the need to record the words and his own feelings on hearing them.

Since then, Richard has written a number of poems. He does not find the creative process an easy one. The right inspiration and having something pertinent to say on a topic are, he feels, the most important aspects of the writing process.

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Rajnish Manga 18 December 2015

I have read a couple of poems by Richard Theze to my hearts delight. His poems are written in an easy to understand language and style which comes straight from the heart and impacts the reader immensely. The undercurrents of his imagery are often thought provoking. I convey my best wishes to him.

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The Best Poem Of Richard Theze

The Red Flower

Red flowers
Not blue
Mark the
A symbol
I take it
In timeless
To honour
The brave
Who stood
To their beliefs
And lie now
Bones and teeth
Below ground
The flowers grew

Richard Theze Popularity

Richard Theze Popularity

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