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I sang songs of love
in search of you my God.

Singing i came down to the wilderness.

God found him in wilderness
in fearful, desolate wastes;
He surrounded him, he lifted him up,
he kept him as the apple of his eye.

Life is green

Life is growing

From inside to outside,
from darkness to light,
from closeness to openness,
from self to the world,

I am searching for God
in the stillness of my heart.

I found out.. that was a great joy.

Now that the daylight fills the sky,
we lift our heart to god on high,
that he, in all we do or say,
would keep us free from harm today.

Help me to come to you.
Hold me, give me your hand.
Look at me.
Without your help nothing can be done.

Come to me.
Come close to me.
Come down to me
Come and sit near me.

Prayer is simply praising
with loud voice
without voice
with murmuring words

If we are faithless, he remains faithfull -
for he cannot deny himself.
It is contrast, But it is a Truth.
It is Divinity, It is a divine Power.

A Nurse is A Mother

Mother of Purity
Mother of warmth of Love

A child is Holy.
Child is Innocent.
Child is always dependent.
A child is very sensitive,

Forget the past,
Past is Past for ever.
it is very importent in a life of a person.
Its a JOY!

I see a light
which cleares the darkness.

When i look intensely

O Divine, O, All powerful,
You penetrate through the darkness.

You change darkness into light.

The skies will dissolve in flames
and the elements will melt in the heat.
What a wonder it will be.

God shares his love.

It goes like a chain.
It spreads through persons.

The Best Poem Of anisha Kolencherry

In Search Of You My God.

I sang songs of love
in search of you my God.

Singing i came down to the wilderness.

Nothing was clear.
Everything was vague.

I saw through a thin shroud.

You are there in wide open place.

This place seems never ending.
long and wide in the wilderness.

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Dr. Antony Theodore 30 August 2021

searching for God gives sense and meaning for our lives. thank you dear poetess. tony

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Dr. Antony Theodore 30 August 2021

please sent address

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