Romance Till Dawn Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Romance Till Dawn

Soft comforts of a cloud
Part ways, so I can see my star
Sleep tends to stray away me
Let me close my eyes, so I can dream
So I can dream……..

The melancholy clouds refuse to let me wish
Jealous as they are, they will never be missed
The prideful sun caresses you in the dark
My glistening star, shine on

You are not the moon, because it always change
You are not the clouds, because they easily fade away
You are not the sun, because I'll be blinded by the rays
You are my star, because you always stay.

When the sun sets, my pain is put rest
I closed my eyes, so I can see that night sky

I am outside, below the magnificence of the world
I dream because it's the only way to see you
These cold nights I've spend alone
Shooting my wishes, into the sky

And I shoot
Hoping that they come true

I can imagine you floating down
Landing into my empty arms
Your glittering presence reminds me of home
Those angelic moments, where did you go?

The time is gone, here comes the sun
The night disappears with my girl

Fly away my beautiful star
The sun rises, ending the night
Go and hide, I'll be alright
Just promise me that you'll return

My wishes and dreams are under your right.
When the night revives
Just come back to me
Just come back to me
When I wake back up from this dream………..


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