Elisha De La Rosa Poems

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A Heart

Enlighten or darken
Hallowed or filled with emotions
In peace or in peices
What to do when its broken?

Before Time Stops

Before time stops
I have to say one thing
As I stand on top of your grave
I will say

Blank Page

I am like the sky and moon
Empty and filled with air
I show no emotion
It is so hard to show any emotion and it burns

Love Lost

Seeking in my chest
Things that will always be in my memories
Things that I love and lost
Yet I have forgotten to feel it

Tears Of The Sun

Thy sun in grimace
I say 'We are the ones, he is disgraced'
'Weeps' Sky said
'I shall bring thy tears'

The Mayfly

Open my eyes
For the first and last time
Spreading my wings
I already knew how to fly

On A Forest Path

As my dreams keep on raining
The sun kept on shining
Through the willow of the trees
I have stumbled on a path to Eden

Resentful Force

Falling to my knees
How bitter is he?
The man whom push me down
This officer has placed me on the ground

Tomorrow In The Army

The sun shine brightly
As I walk down the street
I am no longer to be taken lightly
For my life is no longer bleak

Firefly In A Jar

In the lovely night
I lay on my awake to a sight
I see a glimmer at my window
Brighter than summer light

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