A Heart Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

A Heart

Rating: 5.0

Enlighten or darken
Hallowed or filled with emotions
In peace or in peices
What to do when its broken?

A complex machine that keeps you running
Repairing it takes time and devotion
Without it you are running without fueling
Many days will come for this recreation

Women shall keep their hearts to theirselves
For the delicate should not be played around
Keep it safe, for the currupted won't touch
Your heart is your treasure, your crown

Men shall do the same
For even the most fragile peice
Will enter you like a blade
And your hearts will start bleeding

If bounded by chains
Willl you ever be free
Do not let this go to vain
Fix yourself a proper name

Even if your shredded apart
By your eneimes and soul
Protect your heart
Because their hearts are cold

If torn to peices
And thrown away
By a lover or family member
In you is where your heart will always stay

Move on and continue with life
Do not pass it on with a currupted mind
Worst than living with guilt
For breaking their hearts will turn them blind

Throw it away
Replace it with happiness and will
Take away the pain
From the heart that still remains


Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 23 April 2010

Keep it safe, for the currupted won't touch Your heart is your treasure, your crown...yes it is treasure and ladies must preserve it...lovely poem dear....10 read mine i miss... miss i miss u.. anywhere///color

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Samuel Popeil 21 April 2010

expressive and true. good from start to end.

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A heart touching poem my friend.

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Jester's P 18 April 2010

The poem reminded me of my unpleasant experiences -the separation of my parents, the death of my only sister and another death of my brother... Indeed 'A heart' is a venue of many splendid realities in life. However one thing is for sure and that is heart is in-motion (emotion) that allows growth and maturity, to live life in the fullest… And in the poem theses possibilities are depicted. All the best

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Adrian Cordova 16 April 2010

It captures the heart, it captures emotions, it captures the true essence of the heart!

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