Before Time Stops Poem by Elisha De La Rosa

Before Time Stops

Rating: 5.0

Before time stops
I have to say one thing
As I stand on top of your grave
I will say
Your my only true love
And always will be
As I shed my tears for you
I pray to be with you
I tried to stop crying, but I weep and weep
Continued on till my soul dries up

Before time stops
I shall dig a hole in the ground
As you have dug on in my heart
Now that your gone, I am filled with emptiness....But
In my heart
The hole shall be filled again
Before that happens
I shall plant the seeds of the forever growing daisies
And a beautiful, everlasting oak tree

As I lay dead in my grave
This shall appear
From my rotting body
Flowers shall bloom and never wilt
The oak tree shall stand high as my hope
I shed my happiness to you
I shall be it's enternal
Before my love fades away
I have to say one thing
Before time stops
I'll see you in heaven my love


Samuel Popeil 21 April 2010

awsome. its good to see that people are still writing about REAL love.

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Adrian Cordova 16 April 2010

Tis to true, love leaves to often nowadays

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Marieta Maglas 31 March 2010

nice meditative poem

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Tamika Robinson 25 March 2010

this poem is tragically beautiful. to me, it seemed bliss as well as melancholy.

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