Round Off The Edges Poem by PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems

Round Off The Edges

A jewel, a diamond, indeed you are,
Though a few sharp edges unduly are there;
Round off the edges, you shine like a crown,
A hard grind indeed to polish to fine grain.

A peacock, you are, in a farm of fowls,
In regal gait amongst the flock of crooks;
You walk head held high to the shock of the fowls,
Who lock in fright in far-off nooks.

You fit-in to all roles like old leather soles,
You take on dry heat like southwesterly gales;
A post, you art, to rally for resurrection of souls,
A pillar that holds structures of valued goals.

You are as deeply bright as light, and algate right,
Immaculate, perfect and spotless white;
In worlds of dwarfs, you, stand as Everest,
In twists of the world, you, walk abreast.

Different you are, distinct from lay world,
Different in ways you perceive this world,
Different you think and different you judge,
Distinct you stand tall with distinguished edge.

But, round off the edges to shine like a crown,
Or else, all flock together to make you a clown;
They have the number, poor you, stand-alone there
And none there to share glory and to be fair.

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