Route 9, Massachusetts Poem by Samuel Stuart Pennell

Route 9, Massachusetts

My brother, mother and I are in our Volvo.
We are on route 9, sliding down-
towards Boston.

I am 8 years old,
my brother is 10

God, he seems so old

All-of-a-sudden, I-imagine-myself-gone.It-is-as-though-I-am-gone-from
no-one-will-see-me-I-will-disappear.No-one-has-talked-to-me-in-8-minutes. Does-it-mean-that-I-am-gone? I- hold-my-breath-and-no-one-can-hear-me, no-one-can-see-me.


Sierra Love 24 December 2008

Wow! I really enjoyed your style of writing in this poem. It really did remind me of a young child. It was enchanting.

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januel l 25 December 2008

this is very good, i like your style as well.. and wow, route 9 towards boston i have traveled on that highway often, where did you live?

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Pearl L Johns 25 December 2008

really nice. put a very clear picture in my head. great read.

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C. P. Sharma 25 December 2008

Wow! ! ! ! I see great talent in you. Keep it up. CP

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Autumn Stoddard 25 December 2008

My younger sister used to think the same way. Right on the dot with this poem, well penned.

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Cassandra Robinson 19 April 2010

Wow! that was intense

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Ashley Roberts 27 February 2009

this poem moved me cos it reminded me of me when i was 9. gd wright

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Sheri Barrett 09 January 2009

Samuel i like this one a lot the words you wrote seem like they are really happening to somebody

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Alexander Johnson 09 January 2009

I think this is a beautifully written poem, brings back all the memories of playing in blanket covers, building dens (aka castles) from our old brown leather sofa and thinking I had been swept off into a world of fantasy... Love it. Ps. thanks for your comments on my material, it means alot. Regards

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Arik Carpenter 08 January 2009

Short Sweet and to the point, ., ., love the wording again

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