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The Gods Were Illuminated

I walk into my room,
the door shuts behind me.
I am in my own world

All Of The Pretty Things At The Bottom Of The Sea

It all happened a very long time ago....
the winter of 1846, I believe it was
Yes, that it was-the winter of 1846
I remember it well

2. She Ii

Thundering Youth

Thundering Youth/Thundering flower

Like the thundering flower of youth,
and the thundering beauty of a flower

Route 9, Massachusetts

My brother, mother and I are in our Volvo.
We are on route 9, sliding down-
towards Boston.

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Clifton Cameron 17 January 2009

The sun and the wheat short but nice. I imagine the scene just like when i was in the country in my home land Jamaica. Nice one my friend and thanks for the nice comment you gave me. Keep writing. God bless.

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Nithya Raghavan 09 January 2009

the illumination of gods was a nice concept.very creative.keep it up! ! ! ! ! ! ! the description of stars scattering the sky, the formation of ocean on sky.....wonderful! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Irum . 02 January 2009

nothing can be that precise and beautiful than this

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Adekemi Banjo 01 January 2009

Beautiful! ! ! That was me before i lost my virginity (laugh) .

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