Thundering Youth Poem by Samuel Stuart Pennell

Thundering Youth

Rating: 4.8

Thundering Youth/Thundering flower

Like the thundering flower of youth,
and the thundering beauty of a flower

the thundering beauty of youth
and the thundering youth of power

Like the thundering power of truth,

The springtime was a crying flower

drenched in orchid's blood
and revealing all of its power


Maria V 05 May 2010

This is stunning. It flows well and is completely honest. Amazing work!

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Antonio Liao 06 May 2010

unending search never unlashed the beauty of what is the truth....such a poem, where my heart thunder of beauty....thank you an d God bless for sharing... a 10 +++

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Richelle Barrameda 06 May 2010

I actually like this poem... The springtime has a lot of promise and possibilities, just like the youth.. I hope I was able to interpret the poem correctly.. :)

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Grace Gardiner 07 May 2010

Absolutley great poem...I think you did a really good job :)

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Tashira Rodriguez 07 May 2010

Heyy :) I really liked this poem. It was thought out, and very well written. You did a great job :) I also want to thank you for commenting on my poem. I didn't think it was too good but if someone else likes it, I guess it's okay. I'll be putting new ones up soon, so when you can, check them out: D

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Hareem Asif 20 June 2010

It all blends perfectly together to form a wonderful image and statement. reflection from relea...

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Chaitanya Dorwat 19 June 2010

Fantastic job, well thought, demands reading more than one. Well done.

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Kymyata Parks 16 June 2010

That was beautiful, Very unique, &+ differen't [:

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David Hayes 14 June 2010

Interesting, I like it.

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Bethany Williams 22 May 2010

the poem rymes. It's great.

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