Thundering Youth Poem by Samuel Stuart Pennell

Thundering Youth

Rating: 4.8

Thundering Youth/Thundering flower

Like the thundering flower of youth,
and the thundering beauty of a flower

the thundering beauty of youth
and the thundering youth of power

Like the thundering power of truth,

The springtime was a crying flower

drenched in orchid's blood
and revealing all of its power


Brandon Owens 08 May 2010

Very good. There is so much meaning in each symbol, and the flow is excellent. It all blends perfectly together to form a wonderful image and statement.

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Tashira Rodriguez 07 May 2010

Heyy :) I really liked this poem. It was thought out, and very well written. You did a great job :) I also want to thank you for commenting on my poem. I didn't think it was too good but if someone else likes it, I guess it's okay. I'll be putting new ones up soon, so when you can, check them out: D

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Grace Gardiner 07 May 2010

Absolutley great poem...I think you did a really good job :)

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Richelle Barrameda 06 May 2010

I actually like this poem... The springtime has a lot of promise and possibilities, just like the youth.. I hope I was able to interpret the poem correctly.. :)

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Antonio Liao 06 May 2010

unending search never unlashed the beauty of what is the truth....such a poem, where my heart thunder of beauty....thank you an d God bless for sharing... a 10 +++

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Kymyata Parks 16 June 2010

That was beautiful, Very unique, &+ differen't [:

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David Hayes 14 June 2010

Interesting, I like it.

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Bethany Williams 22 May 2010

the poem rymes. It's great.

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Ofelya Nazaryan 09 May 2010

great poem, you really have to read this over a few times before you understand the true meaning to it

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Mackenzy Edmonds 08 May 2010

i luv this poem very much so interresting

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