Rules From The Book Of Ifs Poem by Sarah Mkhonza

Rules From The Book Of Ifs

We follow the path of masters,
we welcome deeds shunned by many.
This road to fame is not for the
feeble minded.

If you must do the unusual, don't
copy another person. That is the
way to steal another's luck that
lands you in the muck.

If you paint a scene, make it look,
like the brush wanted to sing a song
of lovers you long to hear. Tease
the mind with the mystery of love.
Remember everybody claims it, yet they
still have to touch it. Preserve the
story in the mystery.

If you must preach, don't repeat the
fury the world rolls in. Utter some
truths that psyche a few and leave
them wondering if they read the same
Holy Bible.

Remember the stories were chosen for
impact and seal the pact that the
church trusted the zealot in you,
would always utter with zeal.

If you must steal, consult the
looters who did a clean job and ended
up in heaven for they found life
a real steal.

If you must sing a song don't choose
a Pavarotti just because you have a
beard. People hate a fake. Let your
voice roll in the lowlands and climb
it's own highlands.

If you must fall in love refuse to go
headlong on the way down, people will
think you were an alley cat doing
the usual mouse grabbing.

I'd fall in love after laying out the
velvet cushion, so people would think
I knew how hard it is to fall onto
the hard floor with not even a glass
of red wine to do the making out with.

Saturday, September 9, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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