Sad & Suicidal Poem by Brandi Young

Sad & Suicidal

It pains me to see you this way
To see you so sad and suicidal
If i could only kiss you
and make your problems fade away

I would.
I would die a thousand times
Before i could ever forget about you
I love you and i won't find anyone like you!

So why search for someone
When i know they could never
Compare to you!
I'll only be happy if i'm with you!

I can't stand
To see you so sad and suicidal
It rips me apart at the seems
and i unravel in front of the whole world

They stared an walked on!
Cause no one cares but you and i!
and it's only for us to handle!

I cried when i'd seen her sitting there
What a razor in her hand
and tears streaming down her face
She's so sad and suicidal

I sat up all night holding her in my arms
Singing 'you are my sunshine'
She has a lot to live for, but she doesn't care
She's so sad and suicidal

When she told me i deserve someone better
I told her you are my only love
and that will never change
She's so sad and suicidal


Benjamin Jarman 29 March 2015

@Mary Nagy: I find myself thinking about it to escape the physical pain i cary with me wherever I go. My view is, why live when it's just going to hurt? Why live, if there is no escape but death? Most young people do commit suicide because they are not equipped to handle the physical or emotional trauma that life has delt to them. People keep telling gets better... that things will even out after i graduate...i don't believe them. I have tallent, a future, people that care about me enough to do me emotional harm.. i could have a future...if i wanted one.

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Mary Nagy 22 January 2006

Too many of the people your age are sad and's so heartbreaking. Why do you think this is? What is the main problem with the world today that is making our young people so sad and suicidal? I really do hope you'll answer. Sincerely, Mary

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Ronald Smith 22 January 2006

You go girl. So true! So True!

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Linda Hepner 22 January 2006

This is like a song, Brandi. You write with heart!

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