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They look at my dark complexion and they laugh.
But that don’t bother me.
For I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

When I was born no one want me.
The called me baby girl I had no identity.

I was in this world alone.

When you two asked me to write a poem for you wedding I felt so honored. But now on this your wedding I must apologize for not writing your poem, I never found the words.

I never found the words
that could describe the love you see for one another

Label me not
because the color
of my skin.

I have something to say but no one will hear it because I can’t get in.
The place to speak is not wheelchair accessible.
My whole life I have been on the outside looking in.
Because most business owners brains are not wheelchair accessible.

A mother gives birth, but a momma raises a child.
A mother brags on how smart her child is.

It’s hard being disabled period.
But to be young, disabled and
in search of love some times seems

When I see you, you smile as if everything is alright,
but I know your smile is just a mask for your hurt and sadness,
for the truth is written all over your face.

Yes I have a disability.
But it don’t matter.

Yes I use a wheelchair for mobility.


I’m from a family of seven
which to most it would seem
as if I would never be lonely.
But somehow in all that crowd

I have shed all my tears, and I have dried my cheeks.
Now, after all tears you made me cry my heart still longs for you.
After all the tears I have shed my soul still needs you.
After all the tears are gone somehow I still love you.

When life was simple
Was when I was in mother's womb?
but wait we were poor so my mom got no prenatal care.

I don’t care about what other people think about you.
For I love you for you.
I don’t care whether or not you are supermodel size.
Neither do I care about the color of your eyes.

Out of my mother's womb I popped out to start this new adventure known as life. But this adventure began rough as my lungs clasp for air I gasp. But worry not I survived God wanted me alive. But it did not get any easier after that. You see because of the lack of oxygen to my brain I ended up with a disability and Cerebral Palsy is its name.

As I look through my closet of
poetry I realized that many of my
poems are someone else's shoes.
I was never a woman who had one breast

To most people it may seem as if I’m standing still,
but I’m not, for I am just catching a moment.
Time may be endless, but life is not. So each moment
I live I try to capture it. Even if it is just a cold breeze pasting across my

A kiss is not just a kiss;
a kiss is love.
For a kiss means I breathe for you;
and you breathe for me.

Just because people can't hear don't mean there is no sound.
In the sounds of silence a kiss sounds like a love
In the sounds of silence laughter sounds like joy.
In the sounds of silence tears sound like sadness.


Tears once again roll down my cheeks.
News report another child died and I weep.
I weep for one brother kills another.
All because an irresponsible father.

You can have over 300 friends on Facebook
but when you look around you realize you are alone.
Your world of friends only exist in cyberspace.
You're all alone when comes to seeing people face to face.

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I have been writing poems since I was 15 years of age. I write mostly because it let's me know how it feels to walk in someone else shoes, and being a person with a disability that does not allow me to walk I consider it a privillage to be able to write the way I do and walk in others shoes. I have poem published in several different anthologies and hope to one day have a book of my work publish for the world to enjoy.)

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Beautiful Me

They look at my dark complexion and they laugh.
But that don’t bother me.
For I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

I love my wide nose,
and thick lips.
I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

Now, my hips are wide,
and I got a lot of junk in my trunk.
But I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

My hair may be coarse,
And my breast are not enhance.
But I’m still beautiful.
Beautiful me.

So they may point, and laugh if they want too.
They may even call me names because of my
dark skin. I won’t cry because beauty is in
the eye of the beholder. And in my eyes
I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

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'Poets Never Die Our Words are Our Eternal Flame! '

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