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I have been writing poems since I was 15 years of age. I write mostly because it let's me know how it feels to walk in someone else shoes, and being a person with a disability that does not allow me to walk I consider it a privillage to be able to write the way I do and walk in others shoes. I have poem published in several different anthologies and hope to one day have a book of my work publish for the world to enjoy.

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Beautiful Me

They look at my dark complexion and they laugh.
But that don’t bother me.
For I’m beautiful.
Beautiful me.

From The Heart Of A Child

When I was born no one want me.
The called me baby girl I had no identity.

I was in this world alone.

Never Found The Words

When you two asked me to write a poem for you wedding I felt so honored. But now on this your wedding I must apologize for not writing your poem, I never found the words.

I never found the words
that could describe the love you see for one another

Label Me Not

Label me not
because the color
of my skin.

Not Wheelchair Accessible

I have something to say but no one will hear it because I can’t get in.
The place to speak is not wheelchair accessible.
My whole life I have been on the outside looking in.
Because most business owners brains are not wheelchair accessible.

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10 December 2014

'Poets Never Die Our Words are Our Eternal Flame! '

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John Tansey 08 November 2013

http: //poemhunter.com/lore-me34/ I like this....you introduced the serious theme nicely...

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