Sadness Climbs Poem by rinki nandy

Sadness Climbs

Rating: 5.0

Lost is the faith in expressing thoughts,
disturbed egos,
care at the back of their heads,
eyes upset at the sight,
loneliness surrounds,
blood bounds,
denial profounds,
deserves this ego such sounds? ,
lives frozen in time,
people frozen with silence,
so far away that emotions see a sense,
distance grows deeper than the sea,
eyes recognise no more what does the blood,
cares the blood what doesn't the eyes,
no lengths can suffice,
mend broken egos and minds,
nothing can describe what this ego finds,
while you try to smile and sadness climbs.

This is dedicated to the complicated relationship between people, yound and old who've become cold with time, things have gone wrong but maybe it's nobody's fault.

Amrit Rathi 28 May 2010

Irony of relationships which should be full of joy and happiness, turn such that there is loss of faith...and all negative cycle starts. I found it wonderful! I give 10/10. Thanks for inviting.

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Ennui tedium…well penned …perfect picture of in vogue life Metaphor equally befitting Voted 10+ Ms. Nivedita UK

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mohsin amin khan 19 May 2010

fabulous poem describing deep thoughts while you try to smile and sadness climbs is fact when we see relations and we all has changed

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